Photos of the Edge!

Weclome to The Edge





Take in the view and the action of the kitchen from the bar                                     The wood fired oven behind the bar 


Sip cocktails seaside on the terrace



  Perfect private dining adjacent to the lounge 












    Red, White or Rose tonight?


Hand forged stainless steel racks in the wine room are both art and function




                                                                                A menu favorite, pan roasted crab cakes from the brick oven 







Fire roasted Maine lobster is a must have menu selection 



                                                             Grilled Atlantic salmon with sweet corn, look close there is that lobster again! 




Mmmm fritters!   

Breakfast for our Inn guets


 Bryan LOVES Bacon! Images of crispy bacon with green apple caramel and chives on skewers for a party




 Who doesn't love pizza?

 Sunday's are Pizza Night!




















  Bryan in the garden


                                                                                     Chef's first knife purchased at 16 

  Red Wine Braised Tofu & Garden Vegetables 


  Golden Beets & Great Hill Blue Cheese




Maine Fiddleheads a sign of spring!

  Bacon Ice Cream, Lard Piglette Cookie and Chocolate Dirt 


Edge Wedge Salad   


 Who Could Not Love this View?




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Maine Postcards & Voices from the Edge